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Franciscan Sisters pro Infante et Familia Franziskushaus Generalate Kauswagan Road, Talamban 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Stages of Formation and membership “The Juniorate”

Juniorate is the time after the novitiate where the basic formation received is complemented and the preparation for final commitment takes place. During Juniorate time, special consideration is given to professional training and to further education. The continuation of the religious –spiritual deepening and instruction is also an essential element in this phase of formation. The further development for community life, character formation, and the discovery of healthy self-awareness are of decisive importance. Finally, the formation in the Juniorate phase serves to strengthen and deepen the vocation, a nd prepare  for the renewal of temporary commitment as well as for the final commitment. (Cf. CC 126-128)


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