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Franciscan Sisters pro Infante et Familia Franziskushaus Generalate Kauswagan Road, Talamban 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Latest Past Events

Youth Jam

Youth Jamboree! Franciscan Youth also attend yearly activities called Youth Jam mean, Being self-compassionate is the foundation of self-care and emotional health. The Jamboree of Joy celebrates caregivers with enlightening and motivational speakers, interactivity, movement, sound, and introspection.  

Bible Camp

Bible Camp: During their journeys across the wilderness, the twelve tribes formed encampments at the different places where they halted ( Exodus 16:13 ; Numbers 2:3 ). The diagram here given shows the position of the different tribes and the form of the encampment during the wanderings, according to Numbers 1:53 ; 2:2-31 ; Numbers 3:29 Numbers 3:35 Numbers 3:38 ; 10:13-28 . The area of the camp would […]

The Holy Rosary

HOLY ROSARY with the Consecrated in the Philippines JUNE 04, 2022 Feast of Mary, Queen of the Apostles Hosted by the Daughters of Saint Paul (FSP) From the Alberione Home Prayer Room, Pasay City Brought to you by the Conference of Major Superiors in the Philippines (CMSP), together with our co-presenters: Jesuit Communications, Radyo Katipunan […]